• punched sheet metal

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal is our strong suit.  We house some of the latest sheet processing equipment for rapid and precise sheet metal fabrication for a variety of industries.

  • 4kw Amada fiber laser capable of precision cutting with a variety of materials
  • Amada thin turret punch for louvers and other forms
  • Calypso waterjet for more exotic materials or thicker plate
  • Trumpf press break for extremely accurate bends and forming
  • MIG, TIG, and spot welding
  • Hardware insertion
  • Cosmetic finishing
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Sheet Fabrication

Meeting a variety of industries needs.

Full Service Production

Technology and experience to meet almost any demand from simple brackets to complicated enclosures.

Prototype to Production

First article, small batch, and full scale production.

Flexible Fabrication

Get your concept off the drawing board, into your hands, and into full swing production.  Our facilities are ready to meet all your fabrication needs.

Design for Manufacturing

Increase yields while reducing lead times and cost.

Full service manufacturing consultation

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help optimize your designs and the fabrication processes used for production.

Quick Turnaround

State of the art equipment with automated processing.

Fast equipment with less waiting

Lights out production, state of the art equipment, and a knowledgable staff all help to keep lead times down and savings up.