• FOL AJ with ASFH 3015

Laser Cutting

We have just finished installing a 4kw FOL AJ 3015 AMADA fiber laser for increased sheet processing speed and precision.

  • Linear drives in X, Y, and Z allow 5G acceleration with rapid traverse speeds of 13,330 in/min
  • Short wavelength laser source allows up to 4x processing speeds over conventional CO2 lasers in thin sheet processing
  • Positioning accuracy of ±0.0004″
  • Processing capability up to ¾” carbon steel, ½” stainless steel, and ⅜”aluminum
  • Automated five station ASFH tower with storage for raw sheet and finished parts
  • True lights out production capability
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Rapid Processing

Fibre laser optimized for thin sheet processing.

Increased Cutting Speeds

Faster cutting of thin material (2 to 4 times that of a comparable 4000 W CO2 laser). Linear drives with 5G accelerations ensure optimal laser utilization.

Exceptional Cut Quality

Consistently clean cut quality with minimal burrs.

Minimize Secondary Processes

Our fibre laser is specifically tuned for processing sheet metal. Little to no burr is produced during the cut, reducing the need for secondary deburr or edge cleaning processes.

Incredibly Precise

Intricate geometry. Demanding tolerances. No problem.

Extremely Accurate

True closed-loop feedback of the head position to the controlled allows ±0.0004″ positioning accuracy.

Cut Thick or Thin

4kW resonator allows processing of thin sheet and thick plate.

Expanded Capability

4kW laser source is specifically tuned for cutting and powerful enough to process both thin sheet and plate. Up to ⅞” steel, ¾” stainless, and ⅜” aluminum.

Sample Parts

laser cut sheet metal parts

Fibre Laser Cut Quality

Laser cut quality

Typical Cutting Speeds

20 ga – 1000 in/min
16 ga – 500 in/min
12 ga – 250 in/min
0.25 in – 100 in/min

20 ga – 1000 in/min
16 ga – 500 in/min
12 ga – 250 in/min
1/4″ – 100 in/min

20 ga – 1000 in/min
16 ga – 500 in/min
12 ga – 250 in/min
1/4″ – 100 in/min